Company Services

ANGELIDES LTD offers a comprehensive scope of services i.e. from the Establishment of a company in Greece or Cyprus, to the Business diagnostics and strategy, the Commercial growth and strategy, the Systems of distribution, production and support, the Growth of networks of retail sale, the Management of human recourses and financing etc.

Some of the services rendered are:

Financial Advices

to provide advices of financing nature i.e. the study, planning and research for individuals and companies that want to make investments, mergers, acquisitions and strategic alliances with companies operating in similar fields.

Company Advices

to provide advices in companies as regards the structure of their capital, the configuration of their business strategy and every subject related to their business activity as well as to provide advices and specialised services in the fields of Mergers and Acquisitions as well as of Venture Capital.

Principals & Guidelines

to draw a distinction between principals of Corporate Governance and more detailed guidelines so that the company is headed by an effective Board of Directors which should lead and control the company.

Investment Advices

to provide investment and financing advices, feasibility studies of viability and operation of companies.

Growth Advices

to provide advices related to the growth of company operations i.e. Administration, Marketing, Address of Sales, Economic Management, Organisation and Evaluation of human recourses.

Decision Taking

to implement decisions related to the growth of company operations as mentioned above in order to determine and achieve the set objectives.

PR Services

to provide PR services as well as promotion and advertising plans and the development or implementation of any nature of public relations programs.

Crisis Handling

to handle of extraordinary situations and situations of crises concerning companies or products.

Technical Studies

to prepare technical studies, related to the application of machines and equipment in general for mines or quarries, industrial or technical constructions and the undertaking or implementation of installations or constructions in any sector reported above.

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