Company Products

The ANGELIDES LTD provides ready maid products that save your family and business time and money. The Company that is to attorney fees, what medical insurance is to doctor and hospital bills.

You gain access to the top legal and business consultants of ANGELIDES LTD at a very reasonable price to help protect yourself and grow your private business or any other business/ professional activity.

Some of the pre-paid products offered are:

The Family Plan

-  Document / Contract review
-  Preparation of any type of letter
-  Will preparation
-  Insurance protection in general
-  Motor vehicle insurance protection and services
-  Medical insurance protection
-  Unlimited legal consultation
-  Attorney services

The Business Plan

-  Unlimited business consultation
-  Preparation of business letters
-  Document / Contract review
-  Debt collection
-  Preparation of employment agreements
-  Preparation of distribution agreements
-  Preparation of agency agreements
-  Preparation of preventing maintenance agreements
-  Preparation of purchasing agreements
-  Preparation of rental agreements
-  Current news and finance information
-  Leasing agreements for machines, cars, equipment