Political Activities

D. Angelides became friend of PASOK on the 3rd of September 1974, the founding Day for the Movement’s Declaration of Principles and Objectives.

He became registered Member of PASOK in February 2004 when George Papandreou took over the Presidency and joined the Local Organization of PASOK in Nea Erythrea.

He participated voluntarily as Electoral Representative of PASOK in Nea Erythrea during the European elections in June 2009 and the Parliamentary elections on the 4th of October 2009.

He participated in November 2010 municipal elections as candidate for new Kifisia Municipality Council with the Independent Party "City Light" of Aggeliki Synodinou.

D. Angelides left from PASOK beginning of 2011 because he was deeply disappointed from its attitude and its believe towards the society and it does not REPRESENT him any more.