The Founder of the Company

The Founder and Managing Director of ANGELIDES LTD, Demetrios Angelides has a more than 40 years of wide, diversified and international experience which enables him to contribute to the development of realistic and comprehensive solutions in line with current business trends and practices.

Mr Demetrios Angelides was born in Nicosia, Cyprus. He speaks Greek, English and Spanish in order of fluency. He is married and has two children. He successfully finished his studies in 1962 at the National Metsovion Technical University in Athens (Dipl. Ing. Mechanical and Electrical). He attained a Postgraduate Diploma in Advanced General Management in 1980 at the Swedish Institute of Management (IFL) in Stockholm.

He participated in several educational courses organized by various International Institutes in the fields of (1) Air conditioning, Refrigeration and Industrial Heating in 1962 (2) Electronic Data Processing in 1970 (3) Road Construction Technique in 1972 (4) Noise and Environmental Control in 1976 (5) Financial Planning and Control in 1978 (6) Industrial Marketing - Planning and Finance in 1979 (7) Finance and Profitability Control, Decentralized Data Processing, Organization and Pricing in 1982 (8) Managing Quality Improvement in 1984 (9) Modern Management Practice in 1990 and (10) Computer skills & Communication ( Microsoft's operating systems Windows XP & Vista, Microsoft Office, Internet etc.) in 2000.

He was admitted to the grade of Member in the American Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers in 1966, the Technical Chamber of Greece in 1967, the American Society of Mechanical Engineers in 1969, the Cyprus Professional Engineer Association in 1972, the Hellenic Association of Mechanical & Electrical Engineers in 1976, the Alexander Hamilton Institute in 1990, the Scientific and Technical Chamber of Cyprus in 1991 and the Hellenic Association of Chief Executive Officers in 1994.

His formal business career started in 1963 at the Electricity Authority of Cyprus where he was employed as Assistant Engineer at Dhekelia Power Station. In 1966 he was appointed Shift Charge Engineer of Dhekelia Power Station 84 MW and two years later Shift Charge Engineer of the fully automated Moni Power Station 120 MW as well as of the Transmission System 132 KV of Cyprus.

After five years of employment with Electricity Authority of Cyprus he commenced his career with Atlas Copco AB, a Swedish International Company, in 1968. He was employed as Sales Engineer by Atlas Copco Cyprus Ltd., a subsidiary of Atlas Copco AB. Very soon after he was appointed Sales and Service Manager of the Company and in 1971 he became Marketing Manager responsible for all marketing activities in Cyprus.

In 1973 he was entrusted with the organization of a separate Department for the Swedish Intrernational Company ASEA AB within Atlas Copco Cyprus Ltd and was given additional responsibility for the marketing of ASEA products throughout Cyprus.

In 1975 he was transferred to Atlas Copco Hellas A.E. in Athens and became Manager of the Industrial Division. After two years he was appointed Field Sales Manager responsible for all sales activities in Greece.

In 1980 he was transferred to Atlas Copco Venezuela S.A. in Caracas and became Marketing Manager responsible for all marketing activities in Venezuela. Soon after he was appointed Manager of the newly formed Planning, Control and Coordination department of the Company.

In the beginning of 1983 he was assigned by the Management of Atlas Copco AB, in Stockholm, the development of a Long Range Planning Package, for the companies Atlas Copco Peruana SA and Atlas Copco Ecuatoriana SA.

He was also assigned to carry out a market survey which analysed the business outlook of the islands in the Caribbean Sea as well as a macroeconomic analysis for the economies in the region.

In the middle of 1983 he was transferred to Atlas Copco Airpower N.V. in Belgium, the Headquarters of the Compressor Technique Business Area of the Atlas Copco Group and became Marketing Manager involved in the decisions and policies related to the development work, production and marketing of compressors and their ancillary equipment world-wide.

In 1984 he was called back to Cyprus by the Atlas Copco Group Management and was appointed Managing Director of Atlas Copco Cyprus Ltd.

Mr Angelides became a Board Member of Hydrex Machinery Suppliers Ltd in 1985 and of Atlas Copco International (Middle East) Ltd in 1990, both subsidiaries of Atlas Copco AB, Stockholm.

In 1989 Mr Angelides was elected to Fellowship of the Institute of Directors (IoD) in London.

In 1994 he was appointed by Atlas Copco Airpower N.V., Belgium, Director and General Manager of Atlas Copco Hellas AE and maintained in parallel his appointment as Managing Director of Atlas Copco Cyprus Ltd.

In 1995 Mr Angelides was elected as a Board Member of the Greek-Swedish Chamber of Commerce in Athens.

In August 2001 Mr Angelides retired from Atlas Copco AB, the Company which ranks number six among the best companies in the world on intangible business capabilities and the Company to which he had dedicated 33 years of his life. He remained however at the Board of Directors of Atlas Copco Hellas A.E. until 2006.

In September 2001 the company ANGELIDES LTD was established in Athens by Mr Angelides, offering specialised professional business consulting services in Greece and Cyprus.

In July 2004 Mr Angelides was elected Vice Chairman of the Board of the Institute of Directors (IoD / Cyprus Branch) in London.

In March 2005 the Scientific Technical Chamber of Cyprus decided to include Mr Angelides in the Chamber's special team of Experts.

Mr Angelides has build up and maintains a wide international network of connections and key relationships and of course in Greece and Cyprus with emphasis on the public sector, financial or commercial institutions and the business society which provides him with swift access to information in a wide range of issues.

Today, besides leading and actively participating in the activities and operations of ANGELIDES LTD, Mr Angelides is member of the Board of Directors of various companies in Greece and Cyprus.